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Underground Dog Fence Installations in the Winter

If you’ve been thinking about having an underground dog fence installed in the winter, contact the professionals at Dog Guard of Central Ohio today. Many people may think that they have no choice but to wait for warmer weather or for the snow to melt before installation or replacement. However, we at Dog Guard are well-versed in providing underground dog fence installations in the winter, as well as during the warmer months.

Even if the ground is frozen we can install a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fence on your property. We use special techniques to anchor the wire to the ground while the ground is frozen and in the spring when the ground thaws we will return (at no extra charge) and bury the wire underground for you. Don’t let an ugly fence ruin your view!

Most dogs love to play in the snow

Taking care of your underground dog fence installation in the winter is the best way to keep you warm and your pet happy during the winter months. Your pet can enjoy the snow and fresh air while you stay inside where it’s warm. Contact us today to learn more.

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